New GNSS antennas

With the new GNSS antennas (series 3), GPS Source is aiming for the both civilian and military users which are technically very demanding.

The antenna are available in an active (GNSS-3A); and a passive (GNSS-3P) version. Both GNSS antennas designed on MIL-STD are rugged and lightweight, which make them suitable for use in most extreme environment. For each antenna a bottom or side mount connector is available.

The satellite reception, in very demanding and extreme applications, is outstanding with ultra-low GDOP (Geometric Dilution of Precision). The impact resistance, tolerance for the exposure to dust, chemicals and jet fuels, withstanding shocks and vibrations is, due to the build to military standards, very high.

GPS Source used advanced technology which provides superior performance in the GPS L1/L2 band as well as in the GLONASS L1/L2 band. Which makes this antenna a good solution for a broad range of GNSS applications.



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