What is GPS Retransmission?

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has seen increased use in many different applications worldwide. Having the ability to use or incorporate the GPS signal into everyday business activities has become a “must-have” technology. But, the GPS signal is very weak and there are many places where it is denied access or is blocked. GPS may not be available inside buildings, aircraft hangars, tunnels, basements, garages, etc. When signal is desired in a GPS denied area, a GPS retransmission system can be designed to address this need.

GPS retransmission is the art of making the GPS signal available to GPS applications at locations where it would not otherwise be available. In order to retransmit or re-radiate the GPS signal inside a building or structure, a GPS retransmission system must be installed. A typical GPS retransmission system will generally consist of an active antenna, RF cabling, amplifier, and repeat antenna(s). Depending on the size and configuration of the system, there may be more than one repeat antenna and more than one amplifier.

GPS Retransmission General Set Up